Hey! I'm "Mohammad Zafar" and I am a "Full-Stack developer"
Currently pursuing a Bachelors in "Software Systems Development" at the "University of Regina"

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< Skills />

Languages: C++, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, MySQL, PHP, Visual Basic

Frameworks/Technologies: ReactJS, NextJS, Tailwind, NodeJS, Firebase, MongoDB, Git

Tools: Figma, VS Code, Linux, WSL, VirtualBox, Jupyter Notebook, Labelbox

Methodologies: Object-Oriented Programing, Data Structures & Algorithms, Web & Database Architecture, AJAX, Regex, Agile, Scrum

< Projects />

Course Visualization
Displays my college courses as an easy-to-understand interactive graph with D3.js.
Made with HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap
Adventure RPG
Complex text-based game using custom maps represented as nodes, items, and dialogue.
Made with C++
Drawing app with scalable grids and custom color seletion.
Made with HTML/CSS/JS
Personal Portfolio
You're looking at it! Dynamic site with nifty animations and custom SVG's.
Made with HTML/CSS/JS
CSSS Website
Dynamic site made for the Computer Science Students' Society at the UofR.
Made with HTML/CSS/JS
Amazon Price Tracker
Sends an email when the price of an item drops below a certain threshold on Amazon.
Made with Python

< Contact />

Reach out via Email or LinkedIn