2015-2016 Mohammad’s winter running challenge!


Mohammad Winter Running Challenge! Mohammad will be your guide and companion through this amazing winter running challenge. All you have to do is follow. He will guide you through video blogs, articles and daily updates on how to run throughout winter. Join today! Challenge starts soon! (Signup Form is at the end)

Highlights of what you will get from Mohammad’s winter running

  • Daily and weekly milestone chart.
  • Understanding of what to wear for winter running
  • How to run in snow and changing weather
  • Live feeds from some of Mohammad’s runs
  • Live chat time with Mohammad
  • Food, diet and overall eating habits for winter running
  • Benefits of outdoor running
  • Daily pictures of Mohammad’s runs.
  • Tips on how to keep improving and how to overcome barriers.
  • Opportunity to share your winter run experience with the rest of the challengers and followers.


  1. Make sure to check with your doctor before starting this winter running challenge or any changes you make in your life to prepare for this challenge. Make sure to ask your doctor if this challenge is right for you.
  2. Make sure safety is your number 1 priority. Be aware of your surroundings and always run in an area where you can seek help if you need any due to cold or other reasons.
  3. If you are running in an area where there are cars, be mindful of slippery conditions and prepare accordingly. Cars can slip so make sure you are a safe distance away and be mindful of cars.
  4. Always wear safety gear and, if it is dark, make sure you wear enough lights and other reflective gear so that you can easily be seen.
  5. The buddy system is the best for running! Always tell someone you are leaving and where you will be going for your run. Have your ID, phone and other important things you might need in case of an emergency.
  6. Just remember to be smart and prepare for all potential scenarios. This is my 3rd year winter running and I have taken every precaution I needed and always played it safe. Winter running is a lot of fun, healthy and it really gives you the best love for the winter. It makes you appreciate where you live and makes you see Minnesota in a whole new way. So enjoy and be safe!

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